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TBS Cover Editor is an easy tool to create quality 3D box shot, DVD box, CD cover, card, gadgets, souvenirs, or book cover shot for your software, film, music, e-book, or other product.
The first thing that you potential customers encounter when they meet your product is the cover.
For many people, this is the moment they decide to take a closer look at your product or search for another one. Take full advantage of this first impression by presenting a professional box, CD, DVD or book shot!
Why waste precious time and money on something you can easily do by yourself?
Hiring a professional designer to create your 3D box shot or cover costs hundreds of dollars and may require updates. Use TBS Cover Editor power to grab the attention of your customers!
TBS Cover Editor is the ultimate solution to present your software, book, music or movie cover electronically!
With TBS Cover Editor you haven't to design each side of the shot separately anymore in expensive image editing packages.
The Visual Designer, a core part of TBS Cover Editor, allows adding and repositioning design layers in WYSIWYG manner.  The designer represent all sides of the box, book or CD in a single flat view.
TBS Cover Editor offers a wide collection of free professionally designed box shot, CD, DVD and book cover templates.
TBS Cover Editor comes with a huge collection of preset box shot and cover templates. Select a suitable template and easily get started with a new ready to use cover design.
TBS Cover Editor supports full 3D rotation with optional drop shadows, wire frame and reflection effects.
You can customize the dimensions of the box, CD or book, as well as size and intensity of shadows and effects, and preview the changes in real-time. The final result can be rendered and saved in JPG, PNG or BMP format. An easy to use tool to render your existing cover design with professional looking results.
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